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InoxHoaBinh Stainless Steel Wide Strip Cold Rolling Mill

InoxHoabinh Wide Stainless Steel Strip Cold Rolling Sendzimir mill start production successfully ! Welcome inquiry in Stainless Strip 2b,2be 304 201 430 grade ,width up to 1250mm,Thickness 0.3-2.0mm : PLS EMAIL STAINLESS@INOXHOABINH.VN

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Qui Saura
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InoxHoaBinh Stainless VuQuangLong INTRODUCTION



Address: Giai Pham –Yen My – Hung Yen province, VIETNAM
Plant 1: Tel: +84.0321.3942327/, +84.0321.3941945/ 0321.3941946
Fax: +84.0321.3942448
Plant 2 : Tel: +84.0321. 3969809/10/12 , +84.0321. 3969901 /15/16/17/18
Fax : +84.0321. 3969811, +84.0321. 3969904
Plant 3 Project office : Fax : +84.0321. 3969903
+ Management :
+ Administrative Office :
Address : 43 E – GiangVo Street – DongDa district – HaNoi capital
Tel : +84. 04.37367791 /92 /93//94 /95 /96
Fax : +84.04.37367800 ; +84.04.37367801
Website :
III. USA Branch

- Address: 27371 Snowfield St Murrieta CA 92563 
- Mr. Vu The Dat, Mr. Vu Quang Long, Mr. Damon, Mr. Harrison

Established early in 1996, we, Hoa Binh Production and Trading Co., Ltd., are one of the
leading companies specializing in producing and trading stainless steel (Inox) in Vietnam. We have a wide system of distributors who currently maintain a large permanent number of clients who frequently buy our products with high value over the whole country.

In 2002, in order to meet great demand of the market, we set up Hoa Binh Engineering Factory to initially supply various kinds of stainless steel pipe ,tube in different shapes (round, square, box, rectangular, etc.).

In 2005, we continued investment to install a chain of cold-rolling stainless steel at Hoa Binh Engineering Factory, making a considerable progress by supplying many other kinds of stainless steel to serve local market as well as regional markets

From the Orientation of the VietNam State and Goverment, our country must have an advanced industry to modernize agriculture and all aspects of social life, and due to stainless steel annual demand of Vietnam's market develop much more , in late 2009 to early 2010 InoxHoaBinh company decided to invest stainless steel wide strip cold rolling mill width 1380mm with it’heart is 20-Hi Sendzimir mill. With the combination of advanced technologies from other countries United Kingdom,USA, Japan, Austria, Germany, China, Taiwan, Korea and the enthusiasm hard working labor team ,creative minds of Inox Hoa Binh people, the operation of 1st Vietnam cold rolled stainless steel wide strip mill will be ready to respond quickly demand of local manufacturers, avoid high price importing of similar stainless steel coils from other countries, and partly to export to other countries in the region, making HoaBinh Group as well as InoxHoaBinh to new high level, adding a red mark on Sendzimir technology world map
With a team of professional and enthusiastic business executives, we have successfully obtained certificate of good performance of the International Standard ISO9001:2008 to follow our wish to build up a long-standing cooperation with clients. We always welcome any individuals/organizations/partners who are keen on cooperation with us and expect that our high-quality products with our best services will make you satisfied.
O Producing cold-rolled stainles steel coils,strips; stainless steel pipes,tubes:round,square ,rectangular;stainless steel angles,flat bars;stainless steel round bright bars,wires , etc.
o Trading stainless steel (Inox)
o Importing and exporting all kinds of stainless steel (Inox)
o Advisory/consulting services of usage of stainless steel (Inox)
o ...
Domestic market is our main target, for which various channels of distribution of products have been established. Recently, we have expanded our system of distribution to the international markets and we appreciate all partners from various countries over the world, who are interested in cooperating with us. We desire to obtain long-term cooperation with all partners for our bright development and everlasting prosperity.
We are continuously making the best efforts to improve the quality of our products and business effectiveness in order to bring you the best products and services so that any of your demands should be promptly satisfied.

- Exhaustive & Reliability
- Fair competition
- Innovative technology
- Creative Thinking
- Honest Relations   

Inox Hoa Binh Project Team have successfully received technology transfer from Tenova Corporation

  • Inox Hoa Binh Project Team have successfully received technology transfer from Tenova Corporation

  • Created Date: 4/22/2011
    Inox Hoa Binh Project Team came back from USA after receiving successfully wide stainless steel strip rolling technology transfer from Tenova Corporation.
    In a short period of time, with many English knowledge & information contents as electric, automation, mechanic hydraulic from I2S, Sendzimir, ABB, Siemens, SAF leading specialists but with high enthusiasm ,hard working of 10 good personnel and friendship of foreign specialists, high quality rolling technology has been used, applied effectively to installation, operation and commissioning machines & equipments in present and future.
    The Delegation visited Sendzimir company and understood their history to know that Sendzimir 20-Hi mill was invented from 2nd World War period and up to now more than 400 mills have been built in about 40 countries in the world. This technology was registered by Dr.Tadeusz Sendzimir, an ancestor, after that it has been inherited, developed and upgraded by his generation.
    This training trip has created premise for high quality Inox Hoa Binh products soon be brought out to local market, region & international. Leaving in mind is deep impression of members of project team are grand America, large potentiality market, enthusiasm partner, professional working style friendly active people.
    Here below are photos taken from trip:

    “Big Boss” of European steel visit Inox Hoa Binh

  • “Big Boss” of European steel visit Inox Hoa Binh

  • Created Date: 4/21/2011
    In 5th March 2011 , Arcelor Mittal –biggest steel manufacturer in Euro has a visit to InoxHoaBinh company. Arcelor Mittal is one of leading steel company in the world with representative offices in more than 60 countries.
    This business visit between Arcelor Mittal and InoxHoaBinh mark a new step in co-operation relationship both side; also to affirm strong trend & right way of InoxHoaBinh in co-operative activities with leading corporation in international market to promote quality, business performance
    In Vietnam, Arcelor Mittal corporation also has representative office in Ho Chi Minh city.
    Mr.Lakshmi Mittal bought Arcelor in June-2006 and develop this huge corporation holding 10% international market share.CEO, Mr.Lakshmi Mittal, confirm that his company will “leading in changing industry to tend solid development in future”.Biggest iron & steel corporation, Arcelor Mittal, forecast in 2011, demand in global steel will rise at a light rate is 5-6%. The demand will develop fastest and strongest at ASIA and developing countries.
    Project & Marketing Department of InoxHoaBinh are working with Tenova
    Not only with Arcelor Mittal, right beginning dates of 2011, InoxHoaBinh company also has meeting with Tenova Corporation.Tenova is big metal & mining & gavanize machines & equipments & designer & manufacturer in the world..And the first result between two side is InoxHoaBinh company assign delegation to come to USA to take part in training course and technology transfer of wide strip rolling from TENOVA-I2S, Connecticut state.
    InoxHoaBinh company aspire to reach one target of leading trademark in stainless steel market in domestic, region, expand to global market so that the reason why company is non-stop having co-operative activities with leading corporations in same business field

    Inox Hoa Binh delegation acknowledged technology transfer in America

  • Inox Hoa Binh delegation acknowledged technology transfer in America

  • Created Date: 4/21/2011
    Inox HoaBinh delegation had a working visit to America to acknowledge the wide strip fined rolling technology transfer from TENOVA - I2S Corporation, Connecticut State on February 27th, 2011.
    The delegation at this time with 10 staffs who are qualified, high capacity, are selected by the Company’s trust in the purpose that more than half of a month of studying direct experience, accessing to technology, the delegation will acknowledge and understand thoroughly the wide strip fine rolling technology for applying in the domestic production and trading.

    The appointment of the delegation to America to learn and acknowledge the technology transfer is a huge investment in strategic scale of Inox Hoa Binh during production and business development with the goal to be a great brand of products that can compete sustainably on the domestic and international market.

    Inox Hoa Binh is the first enterprise in Vietnam and Southeast Asia investing the wide stainless steel mill, replacing imported products and bringing Vietnam to be the 40th country in the world that owns and uses this advanced technology. It is estimated that when it comes into operation, each stainless steel mill will supply 134,000 tonnes, reducing trade deficit, saving 90 million USD/year for the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, while exporting surplus products to other countries, collecting foreign currencies to the Country and creating jobs for more than 2000 workers.
    For more than 20 years of operation, Inox Hoa Binh gradually proves their position in the domestic stainless steel market by supplying diversified products meeting requirements of ASTM of America and JIS of Japan.